Assortment of Pickles

Assortment of Pickles

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Recipes of conservation have been used for a long time. After all, we enjoy the taste of crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage. This taste is known for us from childhood. The conservation cooked by our caring mothers and grandmothers adorned the table in late autumn and cold winter.
Few know that the original goal of conservation was to keep harvest safe and protect it from damage; in addition, it was a pickling for future use. Pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut were known in the 12th century. Imagine that the world has been enjoying the recipes of conservation for so long.
We can offer You to enjoy assortment of pickles, including crunchy pickled cucumbers, aromatic sauerkraut, spicy pickled tomatoes and spicy Korean carrot salad. Pickled garlic and pepper add beauty and flavor to this dish. The beautiful palette of taste will not leave You indifferent and You will plunge into a relaxed homely atmosphere.
The price of the Assortment of Pickles meal: 94.00 UAH for 450 g

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