Grilled Salmon Steak

Grilled Salmon Steak

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Titbit of salmon in combination with lemon and herbs will attract attention even of the most refined gourmet. This low-calorie and very healthy dish will adorn any holiday table, as well as diversify Your daily diet.
Delicate coral fillet, alluring brown crust, juicy lemon slice and greens will whet the appetite and make You want to enjoy this culinary masterpiece as quickly as possible.
Salmon, or as it is also called the noble salmon, has really remarkable taste. It is boneless, adequately fat and very juicy. Salmon steak is a favorite among the variety of fish steaks.
Steak is translated from English as "tenderloin", i.e. a thick piece of meat cut from the carcasses of animals or fish strictly in the across-track direction.
The history of steak goes back to the times of the ancient Rome, where the priests grilled big beef pieces to sacrifice them on the altar. In Europe steak was admitted as an independent dish in the XV century, when in 1460 its description appeared in the recipe book of Beltis Platinus.
At first sight, steak is rather uncomplicated dish, which is very easy to cook. But it is not. Not every chef can cook a real steak. The secret of an exquisite taste includes a number of subtleties, starting from the proper preparation of fish and finishing with the technology of its grilling. Our chefs will surprise You with their unsurpassed skills of cooking fish steaks.
The price of the Grilled Salmon Steak meal: 192.00 UAH for 100 g

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